About Us
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About Us

Mission Statement

altWe at Trident Fitness, LLC are dedicated to “Proactive Empowerment” through the quest of health, fitness, personal development, technical knowledge, and leadership.  The overall enhancement of our client’s quality of life is our focus!
We at Trident Fitness achieve these goals through many dynamic, functional, and interactive products, seminars, and videos. TriFit products enable our clients to pursue their fitness goals, enhance their performance, refine their skills, and take that next step toward their ideal fitness level.

We want to build “Full Spectrum Warriors” in whatever area it is that you’re fighting in!  We want to help you be your best!


How We Give Back

One of our core missions at Trident Fitness LLC is to give back to soldiers and their families who have given us so much. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of a Trident Fitness LLC product will go to a charity like the ones below:


Special Operations Warrior FoundationThe Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a four star rated charity that provides full scholarship grants, educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special ops personnel who have died in operational or training missions. The S.O.W.F. also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special ops personnel and their families. Moreover, it is a 503 (c) charity, which means that it is a "true" not-for-profit foundation, meaning your money goes directly to the people who need it.  www.specialops.org

Rich Graham & Trident Fitness LLC, have raised over $70,000 through donations and fundraisers, including a cross-country bicycle tour in 2006 called “The Special Operations Tour”.  You can make a donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation here: http://www.specialops.org/?page=Make_A_Donation


Haiti Orphan Foundation is estimated there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide and when considering children that live as orphans because their parents cannot afford to care for them, this astounding number skyrockets even higher. The Haiti Orphan Foundation is a small group of ordinary people who by God's great love are compelled to do something to address this appalling problem. More than meeting physical needs and caring for the vulnerable, HOF is committed to supporting homes for children that will bring the love of God to spiritually hungry children and disciple them in the truths of God's word. http://www.haitiorphanfoundation.com

Rich Graham & Trident Fitness LLC, donated services and personnel to provide empowering training to a security force for the orphanage in 2012 called "Tactical Response Mission Trip".  You can also make a donation to the Haiti Orphan Foundation here: http://www.haitiorphanfoundation.com/givenow.html


The Navy SEAL Museum - The ground upon which the National Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial stands in Fort Pierce, Florida is recognized as the birthplace of the U. S. Navy Frogmen. From 1943 to 1946, thousands of brave volunteers were trained as members of Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams. The World War II Frogmen have evolved into the most elite fighting force in the world, the U. S. Navy SEALs. The Mission of the Museum is to preserve the legacy and history of these “Teams”. https://navysealmuseum.com/

Rich Graham & Trident Fitness LLC, donated $4,200 (retail msrp) products for museum store. "In 2007, by Act of Congress, the Museum was designated as the Official National Museum of the U.S. Navy SEALs and their predecessors. Despite this designation, the Museum receives no federal funding and is entirely reliant on private donations."

Operation Restored Warrior - "Rescue, Rebuild, and Restore" - The cost of sustaining the freedoms we so cherish as a people and a nation are increasingly carried upon the shoulders of the men and women of our Armed Forces.  

Their immense personal cost is only just now being recognized in our nation through catchwords like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Combat Related Stress (CRS), as well as physically wounded warriors, suicide, and other classifications.  Their battles are real, the life wounds often deep, and never has a clear path to restoration been more needed yet found so scarce.

Operation Restored Warrior is open to all faiths and brings together mission, healing, and ministry to places and memories within the warrior’s heart that need the hope, the healing, and the power of God through our experiential, multiple day, wilderness setting "counterattacks". http://www.operationrestoredwarrior.org/

Rich Graham &Trident Fitness LLC, raised money with 2 seperate events; 1. Three Navy SEALs swim Lake Norman (Click here for NBC Charlotte Slide Show) which raised around $36,000, 2. Warrior Grind Endurance Challenge - Cycling 250 Miles in two days! Raising money for Operation Restored Warrior!

"There is an epidemic in the ranks of our US Service Members. More and more Service Members (active duty and veterans) are turning to suicide to end the many stresses they face after experiencing combat tours." This event took place  September 28-29, 2013 and was a 250 mile endurance cycling challenge; starting in Longwood, FL to The Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, FL
and ending back in Longwood, FL.  Which raised around $16,000.

Total funds raised by Trident Fitness LLC for Operation Restored Warrior is around $52,000.

Make a donation straight to Operation Restored Warrior here: https://newhorizonsfoundation.net/index.php?option=com_catalog&view=node&id=51%3Aoperation-restored-warrior&Itemid=4



Who Is Rich Graham?

Former Navy SEAL, Richard Graham, is the founder of Trident Fitness, LLC.
After entering the Navy in 2000, Rich served over six years fighting for this great country before obtaining a medical condition that forced him to leave the Navy. While in the Navy, Rich came to realize that the military community was strongly focused on optimum fitness and leadership across a wide spectrum, which planted the seed for what would later become Trident Fitness.

Rich then took the knowledge gained as an athlete and special ops operator and geared it toward personal development and fitness. This is when Trident Fitness and Navy SEAL Kettlebells was born. Since 2007, he has trained professional athletes, Olympic trials competitors, MMA fighters, and children of all sports and fitness levels. Rich has a very simple and practical approach to his training techniques that make his training easy to grasp and fun to learn, regardless of your fitness level or training goals.

In addition to personal fitness, Rich has also supplied training to the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (M.A.T.O.A.) as their military tactics advisor. He has run courses on tactical pistol training, along with instructing advanced sniper courses for SWAT Teams. Through these programs he has successfully trained various SWAT Teams, Troopers, US Marshalls, and other branches of law enforcement, along with civilians.

Following his time in the Navy, Rich organized a cross-country bike ride across the USA in an effort to help raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (S.O.W.F.), in which they raised over $70 thousand dollars. Trident Fitness continues this work by donating a portion of all product sales to charities like the S.O.W.F.